Automate. Improve. Customise.

One of the most common questions we get asked is “can you integrate with our existing CRM software?” The beauty of MaxContact is the system comes complete with a rich set of API’s ranging from the simplest web-lead “priority dial” feature too, CRM updates.

With over 80% of our clients having some form of integration you can talk to us about your requirements and chances are we will have done it before.

“Built in Microsoft’s industrial strength, enterprise grade infrastructure, whether your goal is security, compliance, stability or growth you can be sure you are in safe hands”

Key Features

Auto Data Imports

Bulk import lists into the system directly from your own CRM based or import singular records as and when required based on your business processes. The flexibility puts the power of our software in your hands.

Priority Dialling

Prioritise your web leads, we know they’re your most important resource. With an average call time of 30 seconds from import to call, you can make sure your web enquiries are called immediately


Export information back out of MaxContact to update your system with the outcomes of calls, keeping systems always up to date

Record Updates

Update one or multiple records to reactivate, move or simply change the recall time. Giving you complete control over the data

GUI Builder

With our Graphic template designer reduce technical burden to create templates to reduce further developer involvement

Kill Lists

Ensure your client isn’t called needlessly after a back office system update, simply kill the list on our system automatically

Odata is a protocol that allows you to access information on the web. The beauty of OData is that it allows us to expose any information in standardised format over the web. It uses REST architecture and is visible using any browser over industry standard HTTP protocols. Here at MaxContact, we took our time researching business intelligence platforms and came to the conclusion the OData was the right for us ad our customers
Why we Choose OData
Here are a few reasons why we chose OData:

  • Promoted by Microsoft – with the backing of such a big company we know it’s future is in safe hands.
  • You can build your reports without the need to pay for Professional Services
  • Compatible with SSRS (SQL Reporting Services)
  • Easily used in mobile Apps
  • Full CRUD Support