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"We have had six features added that we have put forward, its great knowing we are part of the development process"

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“ It was so easy to use what I never expected from a mobile app.”

S.W. from Novotech LTD

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You Want It, We’ve Got It.


Our Predictive algorithm has been designed by industry experts, meaning it is the fastest, most compliant on the market today.


Quickly and easily build custom queues, with complete customisation from our graphical design tool.


With our industry leading scripting tool, we will be able to meet even your most demanding clients requirements


With a dedicated compliance page and auditing, you can be sure that even mistakes can’t happen.


With Granular permissions, you can control who can do what and customise access for admins, team leaders and third parties.

Customisable Dashboards

With dashboard customisation you can focus on the KPI’s that are important to you, at every level of the business


Our reporting suite offers meaningful data insights into what is going right and wrong in the business

Call Recordings

100% compliant call recordings, with advanced search functionality and grading, of course stored compliantly

Design. Innovate. Build.

15,000 Hrs

Development This Year


Features, in 12 months


Bugs Squashed


New Releases This Year

We Listen to Our clients

Most new features come from, you guessed it, our clients. From small features like extra search criteria on call recording search, to major features like CallBack Manager.  We ask our clients to be involved in the development of the product and if we get asked for the same features regularly, we add them.  This helps us build the product around you, the user, we think this is one of the reasons we have the best most features rich product on the market today.

Investing In The Future

With our UK based development team, we are never standing still, we want to continue to build the best solution out there, not just now but in the future.  This is why we strive to stay ahead of the game and will always continue to do so, with our continuous development strategy.  You can be sure you have made the right choice both now and for the future.

There is so much to Love

  • Data Prioritisation

    Prioritise data sets, or set priority calls on web leads to ensure you target the data you want to

  • Max AMD

    With industry leading Answer Machine detection, reduce agent answer machine while remaining compliant

  • Workflow

    Create data workflows, changing dialing types, recall parameters or calling times, giving you complete flexibility on how your data is utilised

  • SMS and Email

    Send customisable email and SMS messages, easily built with our template design tool

  • CLI Presentation

    Present different CLI’s per client or location, allowing different inbound routing on return calls

  • Data Alerting

    Set Low threshold data alerts so you can be warned in advance of lists or campaigns running low on data types

  • Drag and Drop Editor

    Become a master in no time, building easy to complex routes in minutes

  • Virtual Queue

    Hold users position in the queue and ring them back when they get to the front

  • Abandon Call Recall

    Never miss a call again, automatically call people back that have abandoned when queuing

  • Payment IVR’s

    Build PCI compliant payment IVR’s to collect paymetns 24/7/365 and reduce agent involvement

  • Skill Based Routing

    Always get your calls through to the right agent every time increasing productivity and reducing average handle time

  • Identify and Verify

    With database lookups, quickly identify, find and verify clients on your system ready for the agent to view

  • Supplier Report

    Focus on how each data set and supplier are performing, along with ROI with our unique supplier report

  • Scheduling

    Save time and effort with our easy to use scheduling tool, never miss a report again

  • Custom Reports

    Create custom reports yourself that can then be scheduled, giving you complete flexibility

  • Dashboards

    With customisable dashboards and real time information you will always be completely up to date

  • Targeting

    Set customisable targets, helping you drive performance through the business, making it even easier to identify issues.

  • Red, Amber and Green Formatting

    In addition to targeting, this highlights under and over performing agents, teams and data sets

  • Data Management

    Move Data from list to list with a easy to use query builder, allowing you to split data and review different marketing strategies.

  • CallBack Manager

    Review and reschedule callbacks, so you don’t miss important calls whatever happens

  • Coaching and Monitoring

    Live coach, monitor or barge calls giving you help to improve performance on the floor

  • Quality Assurance

    Grade calls and make notes at specific points in time, making it easy to review and provide feedback to users

  • PCI Compliance

    With PCI compliant scripting, call recording and data transfer we help to take your business out of scope

  • IVR Payment Gateways

    We can create custom payment IVR gateways, making your business 24/7/365 and reducing agent interaction requirements as well as increasing compliance

and much more….


We live in an age of compliance, with OFCOM and ICO joint task force and the arrival of GDPR in 2018, it has never been more important to partner with a trusted supplier.  We take compliance very seriously, with a dedicated information security officer, 3rd party penetration tests, Microsoft GDPR compliant hosting and stringent internal technical security policies.  You can be sure we take compliance as serious as you do.

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Don’t Just Take our Word

We don’t have clients we have fans, we work together with them and build strong partnerships which is why our clients sing our praises for us.

We service up to 6 campaigns at a time, MaxContact is by far the most feature rich product we have ever used.  with out it we wouldn’t be able to meet our clients requirements.

UtilitaDrew - IT Manager

We have gone through massive expansion with MaxContact, we are confident we have made the right choice for a partner.  The staff simply know contact centres and knowledge is exceptional.

First Contact
First ContactAllan - Dialler Manager

We have been working with MaxContact staff for a long time, we constantly push the boundaries of finite configuration requirements which they are always there to help with.

CC33Adam - IT Director

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